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Brown Fill Sand--BROWN FILL SAND-- Commonly used for backfill. 

Concrete Sand--CONCRETE SAND a.k.a 23/24 QA--  Commonly used in concrete & asphalt mixes and bedding for construction pipes.

Mason Sand--MASON SAND--  Commonly used around pool liners and for block/brick mortar. 

Pea Gravel--PEA GRAVEL-- Commonly used as base under concrete, and for backfill where stability & drainage is necessary. Also used around crawl spaces, trenches, and tanks underground.

8 Gravel--8 GRAVEL--  Commonly used as decorative gravel in landscaping, septic tanks and roofing.

--COURSE L--  Commonly used as decorative gravel in landscaping.

Little Cobble--LITTLE COBBLE-- Commonly used as decorative gravel in landscaping.

Haydite C--HAYDITE C--    coarse gradation commonly used for cast-in-place concrete, precast concrete, and Geotechnical fill.

Haydite L--HAYDITE L-- coarse gradation commonly used in ground cover & landscaping. Lightweight aggregate that reduces compaction and increases the porosity of the soil; promoting drainage.

1 cubic yard of dry sand roughly weighs 1 ton.  Of course nature is not precise with sand . It's weight may varying to some degree based on the grain size, the moisture content, etc.

Gravel will weigh approx. 1.44 ton per cubic yard. Weight will vary on the density of the gravel.

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